Old Nick's has been open since the big D.R.I. show on April 9th.  My bandmate, Tim; my ex-neighbor, Emily; and Jevon were the original partners.  Since that time, another close friend of mine has jumped in as the fourth partner.
But I don't get out of the house much on weeknights, as I'm full-time Daddy 5 nights per week.

I have played a number of shows at Old Nick's already: I'm losing count by this time...  The Soothesayers played with D.O.A., as you may have seen in previous posts.  Davy Jones' Locker Combo has played there a couple of times, twice in one weekend.  I've played banjo there with Le Petit Morte and Brain-Ake & The Family Mullet.

I've completed the sale/buyout of M's ownership of Mertz Manor, and should be able to get started on fixing/upgrading, etc pretty soon.

After the Pierced Arrows show Saturday, me and the kids will go down to SF to attend cousin E's wedding.  I'll get back Tuesday night, and work thru the rest of the week.  I've been putting in 13 and 14 hour days, driving for Oregon Taxi. but I haven't been getting shifts at Sheltercare.

DJLC will be recording with Sean Shanahan on June 12th.

May. 10th, 2015

so that happened.

my brain is a little mushy this mornin.
so i played a lot of banjo last night.  Sean Schock only had one direct box, which was used for the guitar, Bucky's mandolin and my banjo were plugged directly into the board, which makes for a kind of yucky sound.

if you like electronic music, and "nyquil-zone" in particular, then please check out this new track my son uploaded to his SOUNDCLOUD:  https://soundcloud.com/deadjunes/may

Rainbow Connection played on resonator guitar and 'humming tremolo' moothie.  hearken back to the days of my harmonica obsession:

Qualitorium Lackromotions

yesterday, I drove San and Satya up to p-town.  Satya paid me a bit for the ride up with his kids' car seats, and waffles came along too.  So it was a kind of a nice scene with the two divorced dads dealing with their co-parents in a respectrful way, Satya was respectful and friendly to Megan, and I was kind of encouraged by that.  add to that, San was kind of 'mentoring' a much younger girl at the playground, while Satya's kids were on the swing.  So Melissa picked her up at the park there, and I took Satya and his kids to their soccer game.  Afterward, I drove them to a hotel to hang out for Satya's birthday.  He gave me some more $, then waffles and I went to stop at my dad's place.  My dad was home, and he made up some mandarin chicken from frozen, with chili-lime flavored rice, ....it was fine.  Dad still had a can of dog food for Waffles, and she macked, then I just drove straight back to Eug, because:
I worked a shift at Garden Place today.  Hooray for me!
Its kind of like, both my jobs are human services/social work.
most people in the cab are anxious to talk and be friendly.  Thursday I made several runs to the emergency room at RIverbend, at least 2 of them were actual emergencies, but one of them didn't seem to wish to share any info, so I just drove and kept quiet.
I do "ridesource" trips, RideSource is a curb-to-curb service for people who are unable to use the regular, fixed-route bus service because of a disabling condition.
so i wind up assisting a lot of people with wheelchairs, walkers, etc
it pays pretty well for me as a driver thru Oregon Taxi
I have a date tonight, going to see WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and getting some Chinese food.

Seven Habits of highly Defective people


the cat has not peed on my bed today!  (as far as I know...)


now that I'm feeling more charitable towards Santina, in regards to how she treats animals, her cat peed on my bed.  again.
this doesn't appear to be a health-related issue, like a U.T.I. of anything, as the cat has been extra flighty.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/muTQthqfn40" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

weird because I had a fare yesterday in my cab: a guy bringing his cat to the vet for a U.T.I.  The cat was in a carrier, and mewling loudly most of the ride.


DOA at Ol NIck's 4/17

Joe joined us onstage to sing "Nervous B reakdown" with Samantha.

DJLC played a last minute gig (early) Thursday at the Boreal.  It wasn't our best moment, necessarily, but it WAS fun.  We were the first band to play on the Boreal's brand new sound system, so there was a good deal of hum, feedback, mic testing, etc etc.  The Double Deuce (my former Band Mates) Also played , and the show was headlined by a Jesse Ray Carter

I didn't stick around to hear Double Deuce or Jesse Ray Carter, but I bought a shirt, I had a last minute practice with the Soothesayers at 8:15 to get ready for the DOA Show at Old Nick's.

Friday 4/17: Pirate Radio opened, the Soothesayers played second, and DOA headlined.
Old Nick's was pretty generous in offer DOA to play a show at the (All Ages/No Alcohol) gig place one block over (The Boreal) on their brand new sound system I mentioned. So DOA was playing a double header.  The show was pretty great.
BUT:  Pirate Radio's bass player talked a bunch of crap , and they've been banned from Old Nick's because of that....

good news:  Santina appears to be taking pretty good care of Apple.  Their Green Hill club meeting was cancelled Friday, because they didn't have a chaperone.  That gave me a chance to hang out a bit more with San.  She's got dance performances all this week, and I'll try to make it to most of them: then she has a choir solo Friday, if she can miss one of the ballet performances to attend the school choir concert.

I'll be playing these upcoming shows (this week) all of them appear to be in the Whit.....

Friday, April 24th


at Old Nik'sc.

Saturday, April 25th

DAVY JONES' LOCKER COMBO w/ Everyday Automoton

at The Boreal.  All Ages.  Donation.

Mar. 29th, 2015

Plate of Shrimp


$210 fare to Newport , OR saved my bacon today. Thank u, dispatch

yes, I'm driving a cab again.

the Soothesayers are playing at WOW Hall, or should I say, the WOE HOLE:

Son of Woe Hole | Facebook

Join us once again in the Woe Hole (aka the basement of the illustrious WOW Hall) For a four band local blowout, featuring Jargon, The Get, Wetsock and The Soothesayers
Links to music:

Soothesayers are playing the Outlaw Bash again!:

OUTLAW BASH | Facebook

Join us for Cascadia Forestdefenders largest fundraiser of the year. The only thing we can promise during this dark age, where our enemies continue the death march towards high profits and an unrecognizable planet is a night of beer, dancing, and debauchery! And of course we will keep fighting, with hangovers and all.

The debauchery begins at 8pm outside the bike church, so wear warm clothes!

$5-$500 donation at door

The Lil’ Smokies https://www.facebook.com/lilsmokiesband
Alder Street https://www.facebook.com/alderstallstars
SootheSayers https://www.facebook.com/TheSoothesayers
The Dirty Dandelions https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dirty-Dandelions/310931749023051

I have more to say, but it will probably go on friends only.  HIPAA violations will NOT ensue, but I will talk about stuff in very broad general terms, you see.
I love you all!

Long time no post

yes.  So I'll have my last full-time shift at Sheltercare Garden Place tomorrow (Wednesday, February 11) and i will start back up as a full time taxi driver for Oregon taxi as early as Thursday.... as early as 6 am Thursday.  Melissa has been offered a job in Portland, which she intends to accept.  The divorce is still not yet final.  it looks like my daighter will be staying with me full time, possibly until March, and possibly until June, if she can stand me for that long: in order to finish out the school year here in Eugene.
there's more.... but I'm a little shook up with just these changes, such as they are....
Old Nick's is nearing readiness, its a combined effort from my neighbor, Emily, Tim the 'secret hippy' bass player of the Soothesayers, and Jevon Peck who had been running the Tiny Tavern the last few years.  Soothesayers will be opening for DOA there on April 17.  I'm super stoked that my pals Pirate Radio are also playing this show

I had a birthday, and I'm old.  I threw a little "MertzFest" at Black Forest in January, featuring Soothesayers and Davy Jones Locker Combo.  It was pretty well attended.  Soothesayers played well, but my trusty Mesa Boogie took a poop on me, I knew there were some issues: it had been worked on by notorious Liar/Thief/Violent, destructive former house-mate and child abuser David  Nickles.  He also broke my Fender Dual Showman reverb, so his skills as an amp repair tech have been called into question.  I no longer see his ads on Craigslist, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who has issues in this realm.
I'm working on a deal to buy out Melissa's ownership of the Polk House (once known as Mertz Manor) though I will hate leaving my place in the Whiteaker, it makes better sense, as long as I can rent out one or 2 of the bedrooms.
I'm in counseling, and I'm working to get my daughter to see a counselor, so far she has been resistant, and Melissa simply refuses any kind of counseling, as she says she doesn't want to re-live painful memories, she prefers to bottle them up deep inside where they will fester indefinitely.


i've done some damage
i've done some good
left my mark, out in the world

Hearts r racing for the next step
for the Challenge to accept

So bring on the deluge
Bring on the flood
Bring the sweat & bring the blood

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